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Kansas Rush Soccer

Club Fees

Age Group  Classification   Total Fee   
2014 (U-8)  Pre-Academy  $950.00   
2013 (U-9) - 2008 (U-14)    Competitive    $1,495.00     
2007 (U-15, 8th grade)    Competitive    $1,495.00     
2007 (U-15, high school) - 2003 (U-19)    Competitive    $1,210.00    
2013 (U-9) & 2012 (U-10)  Academy  $1,495.00   
2011 (U-11) - 2008 (U-14)  Academy  $1,540.00   
2007 (U-15, 8th grade)   Academy   $1,540.00    
2007 (U-15, high school) - 2003 (U-19)  Academy  $1,315.00   
2009 (U-13) - 2008 (U-14)  Girls Academy  $2,500.00   
2007 (U-15, 8th grade)  Girls Academy   $2,500.00    
2007 (U-15, high school) - 2003 (U-19)  Girls Academy   $2,275.00    
2009 (U-13) - 2008 (U-14)  Elite Academy   $2,000.00   
2007 (U-15, 8th grade)  Elite Academy  $2,000.00   
2007 (U-15, high school) - 2003 (U-19)  Elite Academy  $1,775.00    

Installment Details:
Upon acceptance of the player contract, payment can be made in one lump sum or installments with deadlines as follows.
June 15, 2021 (first installment)
- August 1, 2021 (installment #2)
- November 1, 2021 (installment #3)
- March 1, 2021 (final installment)

Team Fees

Determined based on the number of players in addition to event specifics (location, number of teams participating, etc), these fees are not included within the competitive club fees.  Each team will divide the cost of all tournament fees, winter league fees and event coaching fees which include lodging, meals and travel.  


The Midnight Line: 2021 / 2022 Competitive, Development & Training Kits

The Kansas Rush competitive and academy mandatory uniform packages consists of the following:
- Two game jerseys
- Two pairs of game shorts
- Two pairs of game socks
- One pair of training shorts
- One pair of training socks
- One track jacket

Girls Academy, Elite Academy and Pre-Academy teams do not follow the traditional mandatory uniform package with additional information being provided upon acceptance.  

In addition to the mandatory uniform package, optional items such as balls, pants and backpacks are also available for purchase.  For budgeting purposes, players can expect a price range between $280 - $300 for the package depending on age (youth / adult).  

Player & Parent Conduct

In joining Kansas Rush, both you and your child agree to adhere to the following code of conduct.

I will not force my child to play soccer, as this is for their enjoyment.

I will release my child to the coach, the team and the game.  The coach is in control at all practices, games and events.  

I will teach my child to resolve conflicts properly.

I will make my child feel like a winner no matter the outcome of the contest, with an emphasis on positive sportsmanship and giving the best effort possible.  

I will never ridicule or yell at my child or the coach. 

I support the referees judgement of the game and will not criticize or approach them.  Without referees, we have no game.  

I will applaud the effort and sportsmanship of both teams.  

I will always support the club, team, coaches, players and fellow parents in all regards.  


623 N. Lindenwood 
Olathe, Kansas 66062

Phone: 913-764-4111
Email: [email protected]


10:00 am - 3:00 pm Monday - Friday
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