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Spring 2023 Recreational League

U6 (Kindergarten) - U8 (2nd grade)
Early Bird opens Nov 1st and runs the whole month of November.
Regular registration will the run until the end of February.
$10 late fee starts on March 1st

U9 (3rd grade) - U19 (12th grade)
Early Bird opens Nov 1st and runs the whole month of November.
Regular registration is the month of December.
$25 late fee starts after December 31st.

We have a new registration system, PlayMetrics,
please click 
here to register

General Information - Recreational

Program Overview
Olathe Rush recreational soccer stresses the participation, enjoyment, sportsmanship, skill development, safety, and teamwork aspects of the game of soccer, rather than being a "win at all costs" program.

We offer the following programs:

  •  Junior Rush (age 3-5)
  •  Kindergarten - 2nd grade (U6-U8) Olathe Rush Recreational League
  •  3rd grade - 12th grade (U9-U18) co-op recreational league, teams play in the Heartland Soccer Assoc League (please note high school girls do not have a Spring league and high school boys do not have a Fall league due to High School)

Our recreational teams are formed by the Olathe Rush staff and coached by parent volunteers using a "neighborhood" concept following the boundaries of the local school districts' elementary schools as closely as possible.  All recreational teams will be coached by a parent volunteer.  This parent must have a child on the team.  If you are interested in coaching please email the Kansas Rush office staff, [email protected].  In the unlikely circumstance that no parent will volunteer, then the coach must be approved by our staff.  We provide weekly training regimens in the form of video and instructions that can be printed by parent coaches to help in training.

Recreational teams are created based on the player's grade level.  If your child's birthday puts them in the wrong grade level in registration, then go ahead and register as long as you are in the correct grade level range, K-2nd or 3rd-12th.  Do not register if you are in the wrong age range.  For example,  If you child is in 2nd grade but the system puts you in the 3rd-12th grade group, do not register, but contact us so we can make the k-2nd grade league available to you.  If your child is in 5th grade, but the system gives you 6th grade, then go ahead and register since both are in the same grade level range, 3rd-12th.   In this case be sure and answer the grade level registration question with the correct grade level.

All recreational teams will play an 8 game season.  
U6-U8 teams will play all their games at Lone Elm Soccer Park
U9-U18 teams will play in The Heartland League with their games primarily at Scheel's Overland Park Soccer Complex and Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex.  A game or two is also possible at the Wyandotte Soccer Complex.

Player Registration 
$85 per player (save money during early bird registration) (late fees apply once we are in late registration) (team jerseys are included for U6-U8 and they get a new jersey each season, teams are required to wear the jerseys provided by Rush) (the U9 and older teams purchase their own jerseys)

Participants may register online in our new registration system, PlayMetrics, via this link.

U9 and Up Team Registration with Heartland for COACHES ONLY
Coaches - Click Here to register your team with Heartland.   Choose "KRSC Recreation" under Kansas Rush and complete the registration.  This has to be done by their deadline!  They do not take late registrations
If the link above does not work for some reason, then go to, click on "registration", then choose "KRSC Recreation" under the Kansas Rush logo.  Heartland will bill Rush for your team fees.

Registration Refund Policy:
$25 of each registration plus any late fees or processing fees are non-refundable. No refund will be given after the start of the season.  Should the season be cancelled for any reason, Kansas Rush reserves the right to adjust the amounts of any refunds/credits based on the specific circumstances (cost incurred, games played, etc.).

Parents will be given a refund request form, available by emailing [email protected], which must be filled out completely and returned to the office manager. It will then be submitted to the club's treasurer. Refunds may take up to thirty days to receive.

Returned Check Policy:
A $25 fee will be collected on all returned checks, in addition to the amount owed from the original check. The total amount should be submitted to Kansas Rush within 10 days of notification of the returned check. Failure to pay the fees within 10 days of notification will result in the cancellation of the registration.


Independent Premier


Kansas Rush offers member teams the opportunity to form and play as an Independent Premier team under the definition of a “Classic Team” under the KSYSA defined rules.  This program is designed to provide players an opportunity to play at a more challenging level within the Premier Division within Heartland Soccer Association.  Players should only register for this program if they are already on an Independent Premier Team.  These teams are formed by their coaches.  Unlike recreational, we do not place players on these teams without coach consent.

Independent Premier teams can play in the Fall and Spring seasons within Heartland Soccer Association.

The head coach must contact the Kansas Rush office and obtain approval from the Club’s Technical Director of designee prior to receiving authorization to form an Independent Premier team.  The players on an Independent Premier team register through Kansas Rush. You can reach Daouda Kante, our Technical Director, by calling the Rush office at 913-764-4111 or by emailing at [email protected]

The Independent Premier Coach must register his/her team with Heartland by the heartland deadline for that season.  This is very important because Heartland does not take late registrations.  In addition to the coach registering the team with Heartland, a minimum number of players (equal to the number of players on the field for the given age group) must be registered with Kansas Rush by Heartland's team registration deadline in order to compete as an Independent Premier team.  Coaches will be required to have an approved background check through KSYSA and complete SafeSport Certification.

Please try to have all your players registered with Kansas Rush on time.  Late fees start after the Heartland deadline for team registration.  

Coaches - Click Here to register your team with Heartland.   Choose "KRSC Premier" under Kansas Rush and complete the registration.
If the link above does not work for some reason, then go to, click on "registration", then chose "KRSC Premier" under the Kansas Rush logo.  Heartland will bill Rush for your team fees.

The registration fee is $125 per player per season.

The Registration deadline for the Spring 2023 season is December 31st, 2023.  
After the deadline late Registrations will be taken with a $25 late fee.


623 N. Lindenwood 
Olathe, Kansas 66062

Phone: 913-764-4111
Email: [email protected]


10:00 am - 3:00 pm Monday - Friday
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